Online Counselling 


Are you feeling overwhelmed? 
Is that nervous feeling creeping in? 
Are you finding that you’re second guessing yourself?

Yes? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve helped over 1000 people just like you

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Q. Is there anything I need to know about online counselling?
A. All video sessions take place using Zoom video conferencing. I’ll send you a link to your session. All you have to do is click on the link, follow the prompts and you’re good to go.

I find it’s better if you use headphones – that way people can’t hear what I’m saying to you, improving your privacy.

If you can, have a light in front of you rather than behind you. This way I can more clearly see your amazing face.


Q. How many sessions do I need?
A. Most people have anywhere from 6 to 20 sessions depending on what’s been going on for you. You’ll have weekly sessions to start with so that you hit some wins sooner and you have increased motivation.


Q. Can I have someone sitting next to me in the initial session?
A. You sure can. I encourage this, particularly if you’re feeling overwhelmed and super worried. I call this “your support person”. I’ll say hi and make them feel at ease.


Q. How much?
A. For a standard 50-minute session the price is $200 which is payable via my secure online booking section. This is the only way to see me.


Q. What are you like?
A. I have a preference for action. Doing nothing never got anyone anywhere, and you’re not paying me to be inert. While I can be direct, I like to think that I do this with some humour and with deep respect for you. I always give you an out if I think you need it, although no one has ever taken me up on that.


Q. Why do you do online counselling for Townsville and North Queensland residents and beyond?
A. I ran a successful private practice in Townsville for 6 years, before moving abroad to pursue a tech startup. Because I love helping people, I decided I could be just as effective through video based support. I still receive many requests from North Queenslanders and I'm happy to accomodate. 


What else is on offer?

In addition to weekly sessions (we aim for the same day and time where possible), I’m able to respond to 1-3 basic questions over email. I respond usually within 24 hours. There’ll be times where I’ll need to save my response until our next face to face session however because it’s just too complex to answer in written format.

I find with a little extra support over email, you’ll get better sooner and will be less stuck.


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