Student Career Program

Be Psyched provides high school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and university students a high quality Student Career Program. Based on Executive Coaching Principles and robust Psychological Testing, we pride ourselves on helping you determine your areas for personal development and the occupations in which you will be most happy and fulfilled. See our trusted practitioners online via video.


Your Be Psyched Student Career Program (Complete Program) is designed to be run over four weeks and includes:

  • Initial Session: Psychometric Testing
    Length - Allow 4 hours
    Includes Personality Assessment, Ability Assessment, Semi-Structured Interview, Interests Assessment

  • Session 2: Career Report
    Length - Allow 2 hours
    Includes a hardcopy of your detailed Career Report, suitable occupations based on your personality, and an exhaustive job list for use in your coaching sessions. Also, identification of your strengths and personality areas that are likely to be problematic in certain types of occupations

  • Session 3: Career Coaching and Personal Coaching
    Length: Allow 1 hour
    Having identified specific areas to grow on based on your career report, the focus in your coaching sessions is on skill acquisition and development. Coaching sessions are empowering and are all about personal growth and learning to jump over any hurdles. 

  • Session 4: Career Coaching and Personal Coaching
    Length: Allow 1 hour

  • Follow up: Optional, within 12 months of completion of Student Career Program
    Length: 30 minutes
    Once you've completed your Career Program, we offer an optional 30 minute session. Burning question 6 months down the track? No worries! Just call up to schedule a time to speak with us either on the phone, via email or video. 

  • Throughout the Program: Take Home Learning Opportunities
    Length: Variable
    What you do outside of each session is incredibly important. We can give you all the answers, but it's up to you to apply them directly to your own life. This is why throughout the program you are given opportunities to learn more about yourself through Take Home Learning Opportunities. These are used in each following session and tend to focus on your values, motivation and assumptions. 


If you would like to see more information regarding each of the components that make up the Program, jump to the bottom of this page.


Why should I undertake the Student Career Program? 

The Student Career Program is undertaken with your very own Be Psyched Psychologist. It's incredibly thorough and will be a great option for if you'd like to know what occupations your personality is best suited to, or are wanting guidance and clarity over your occupational choice and personal development areas. We also discuss your ability level, your values, aspirations and interests in order to help you make the most right career decision. Following a more holistic approach allows time for you to develop awareness of how you view your world, your thinking patterns, assumptions and motivations. This allows you to make better, more informed choices.


Invest in your future

Student Career Program Rates


Please talk with us to understand your investment and payment options available.  


Group Rates and Commercial

We provide group rates and customised services for larger projects and commercial ventures. Please contact us with your enquiry. We also offer services outside of Townsville and welcome your enquiry.


Important Notes

The Student Career Program is designed for those aged 16 years and older due to psychological testing requirements. Those who are aged 15, or are turning 15 are not excluded, however a short phone consultation will need to take place before accepting your booking to assess factors related to your Psychological Assessment. Those aged less than 15 will be suited to very similar yet different career services. Please contact us to enquire or to make a booking.


Career Investment Components

At Be Psyched we think it’s important for you to have an understanding of what to expect when you undertake your Career Investment Package with us. We offer a high quality service, with our sessions being very thorough – your initial assessment session takes three hours alone.


Personality Assessment:

Your Personality Assessment is a robust and widely used psychometric test which has been tested and modified over 50 years. Along with your semi-structured interview it assists in providing a rich, integrated picture of the whole person. It is used to discover what career areas your particular personality is best suited to and it is also used to determine what areas of personal development might be necessary for you to work on in order to “fit in” and reach your potential within particular work environments. Together we go through your Personality Assessment results as well as your interests and cognitive ability to determine the overall occupations you will be best suited to, most happy in and most stimulated by.


Measure of Ability:

Your General Measure of Ability enables you to have an understanding of what occupational level you will be appropriately challenged by. For example, people who have a high level of intelligence may find that they become quite bored and unproductive in an entry level position or a non-autonomous role. Alternatively, some people may be stretched within intellectually demanding occupations creating interpersonal stress. Remember that intelligence is fluid, and that how you are right now does not have to be how you remain forever. Learning is key!


Semi-Structured Interview:

Through your interview we gain a better understanding of how you think, feel and behave in specific situations. This goes hand in hand with your Personality Assessment and is necessary so that we obtain a complete picture of you.


Career Investment Report:

Your Career Report takes you through your personality factors, from individual traits to global factors and outlines behaviours which are predicted to be displayed by yourself, indicated by your responses to your assessments and the information gained in your interview. The report also takes you through personal development opportunities including your strengths and areas that may need improvement depending upon your requirements, motivations and occupational choice. Your report also lists a range of potential careers and we work together to go through which ones you may have an interest and dedication in. We explore the insights you have gained by undertaking the Personality and Cognitive Assessments. This is very much an individual process which is explored further through Coaching and Counselling in the Career Program. 


Career Exploration Homework Document:

We encourage you to play an active role both in sessions and in between sessions. Of course the more effort you put in, the more benefits you will receive. You are given homework to do in between sessions to assist with your career exploration, and to make sure you get the most out of your time with your Be Psyched Psychologist.


Career Coaching/Counselling:

This is where the magic happens. Our Career Coaching and Counselling incorporates a holistic approach looking at the many factors that influence the way you interpret information and make decisions. It allows time for you to develop your awareness of how you view your world, your thinking patterns and behaviours, your assumptions and the reasons behind them. Career coaching/counselling allows you to make better, more informed choices that get to the root of who you are, what your passions are, and what you will find most fulfilling or even challenging if you wish!