If you’re not excited about where you’re heading, there is room to improve!

Online Career Programs for Students

Choosing a career can be overwhelming not only for students but also for their parents, and we're here to take the pressure off. We're a team of qualified Psychologists and we are entrusted to help students in grades 10, 11 and 12 make better career decisions and find their optimal occupations.

Our team has worked around the world and understands just how many opportunities there really are when choosing or changing careers. We believe that the keys to success are:

  • Truly understanding yourself and your personality. This enables you to grow both personally and professionally
  • Gaining skills to overcome any barriers (e.g. from self-esteem to assertiveness)
  • Finding your passions (areas that excite you) and challenging your motivations
  • Being able to clearly imagine how you want your life to be in future. We help you find this.

    Be Psyched psychologists and career coaches help you learn and find the answers you are looking for through our 4 week online Career Program. Our specialised Student Career Program uses both holistic approaches as well as evidenced based psychometric testing. By undertaking the Career Program with Be Psyched you can:

    • Determine what careers are most suited to you, and which ones will make you most happy and fulfilled
    • Discover your areas for personal development so that you perform as well as you can in the workplace and in life
    • Form real and viable goals. Having a major focus while at school, VET and university is crucial to ensure you end up achieving your desired future. Knowing where you're headed can dramatically increase your motivation and performance
    • Save yourself from wasting time and money, and increase your ability to find a meaningful and personally rewarding career
    • Reduce the pressure on your parents and your self! Phew!


    Get it right the first time! A Bachelor of Business will cost you approximately $30,600 and a Bachelor of Engineering, $35,200. This also equates to 4 years of studying....


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