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Career Investment Services


For Professionals

Feel empowered to take the next steps with confidence. Reduce any concerns you have to make your future desired reality achievable in a specific timeframe.

Whether you’re making a total career change, wanting to advance or simply perform better (at work, home or life in general), Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Performance Coaching are what you’re looking for.

Being experienced Psychologists and/or Career Development Practitioners, it’s our job to understand what your goals are, and to help you reach those goals. We enable you to overcome barriers, learn strategies required to reach your goals, and propel you toward the required trajectory. Coaching is an active, action orientated process – you will have work to do, and goals to achieve. Learn more about setting the right goals.

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Below are examples of the types of services we can provide. We invite you to have a chat with us so that we can fully understand what your exact needs are. This way, we can make recommendations based on your unique situation and goals:

Silver Option: Sign up for a Professionals’ Career Program. Includes psychometric assessment & 3 coaching sessions)

Gold Option: Sign up for a 12-month Professionals’ Coaching Package. Includes monthly coaching sessions.

Platinum Option: Sign up for a 12-month Professionals’ Coaching Package and Psychometric Assessment. Includes monthly coaching sessions and psychometric assessment to fast track progress.

All of our services are conducted online over video for total convenience and flexibility.

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For Corporate

Having a robust Career Coaching Service is paramount for companies and organisations who consider their employees’ wellbeing and future a priority. Outplacement counselling (transition counselling) is often used by such companies and Be Psyched can conduct that for you. 

Use Be Psyched to conduct the psychological assessment component of your recruitement process, and to determine development needs. 

Be Psyched works with you to develop and tailor solutions to suit your workforce, the organisational goals and values while assisting with the changing climate.

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Additional Services: Employee Coaching, Executive Coaching and Psychological Assessment

Do you want to take on new hires with your eyes wide open? Psychological assessment could be the answer you are looking for. Typically used for high level hires, emerging leaders or for recruitment of a specific type of team member, psychological assessments allow you to gain insights into how the employee works best, what their natural behaviour style is likely to be, what type of leadership style they are likely to display and how they will be best managed.  Psychological assessment also allow for the discovery of personal and professional development areas, allowing people for perform more effectively. 

Be Psyched works with you to identify your needs and develop specific solutions for your workforce. Often these solutions incorporate organisational or group change management, training, coaching and psychological assessment services. 

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Returning to work

People leave the workforce for a variety of reasons such as taking time off for family reasons, sharing career opportunities with a partner, moving locations or countries and also health issues. When the decision is made to return to the workforce, issues can become apparent.

Be Psyched can assist you in re-entering the workforce by helping you identify which occupations you are best suited too, taking into account your values and passions and also identify your personal development opportunities. We also provide coaching services to help you with your transition including overcoming obstacles.

We offer specialised solutions through the use of psychological assessments, holistic coaching methods, and positive psychology practices.

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