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Career Builder Package

Feel Confident That You Have The Know How To Excel In An Interview and Land That Job!

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Being a job seeker is hard work. It's just like having a full time job, but instead your dedicating 40 hours a week to job search, building up your network, contacting the talent acquisition officer to ask insightful questions (because the recruitment process begins before an organisation receives your resume and tailored cover letter), submitting applications, attending interviews and follow ups.

Whether you've been looking for a new role for a while, or you've decided to re-enter the workforce after a length of time, you could be feeling a little lost and wondering how to make your efforts more effective and efficient. If you knew what employers were hoping for, you would be better placed to land that job! Sign up today to our Career Builder Package and feel satisfied and relieved knowing that you're on your way to increasing your confidence and know-how to land the job you've been hoping for!

You can see us online from anywhere. Our highly trained team can also help you overcome any mental blocks you have so you can perform at your best at the interview stage. 

What does the Career Builder Package Include?

The Career Builder Package starts with resume design and building as well as cover letter design and content generation, and is followed up with an interview coaching session that is tailored to your unique needs. For example, you may need assistance in how to answer specific interview questions, and we can teach you how to do this through increasing your know-how, understanding of the point of the question, and increasing your confidence and your ability to answer questions well. You may need strategies for managing stress and worry before an interview, which could hamper your performance, or skills to enable you to network effectively to increase your chances of finding work. You may simply want some critical feedback to ensure you perform at your best next time. Call us to make your booking!

In summary, the Career Builder Package includes:

  • Resume design and building. This is action orientated, and you will need to be an active participant. Our job is to ensure you never need our services again, and that you such a great experience you tell all of your friends!
  • Cover letter design and content generation
  • Interview coaching session - tailored to your unique needs

Total investment: $1200 (+ GST for Australian residents).

Our staff are highly experienced Career Coaches who can work with you to increase your performance, and put your fears at ease. We are welcoming, yet goal directed and we want to ensure that your experience with us is rewarding. Please call us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. For more helpful tips on managing your career, you can visit our blog.

Need more than the Career Builder Package? Or unsure about which career path to take? You will benefit from undertaking our Career Program or engaging in Coaching services. We have programs tailored to Professionals as well as those at the beginning stages of their career.