Alexandra Whitehead - Online Career Coach & Psychologist 

Managing Director, Be Psyched
CEO & Co-Founder, Becon Health
CEO, Well Propelled
BSc(Qld), PGDip(Psych), MBA
Registered Psychologist (Australia), Registered Career Development Practitioner, Performance Coach

Alex Be Psyched

You might be feeling a bit lost. You might know that something needs to change - in fact, you might already have some ideas about which direction to head. As a career coach, performance coach and psychologist I can help you with this. I can help you grow both within yourself and professionally. Together, we'll essentially perform a gap analysis of your life (I know this sounds scary but instead it's eye opening). We look at your deeply held values, your ambitions and marry those up to your overall goals.

A bit about me if you want to know what you're in for:

Years ago I somehow found myself working in the financial sector in London, UK. This career change was largely unplanned. In this role, I coached corporate leaders through massive organisational changes. I watched them successfully grow, develop and adapt. Seeing how people could grow, if they were given the right environment and skills was energising. I wanted to stay within this space, and upon my return to Australia, I started Be Psyched, growing it from the ground up.

You can book in directly with me here.

While doing this, I launched a tech startup company - Becon Health which I'm still pursing today. And while doing that, I launched Well Propelled. In summary, I'm an Entrepreneur at heart. I have an affection for inspiring people like you and being a part of your growth.